Our Team

Ralph Stone - Managing Director


Mr. Stone is the founder of Commercial Financial Consulting, LLC. He has over

 30 years of experience in commercial financing, having served as a senior executive. He also served as senior executive vice president of business development for Fidelity Financing Corporation of Texas. Mr. Stone has the confidence and experience to handle difficult and complex commercial financing. He is also a co-founder of the Massachusetts State Auctioneers Association. 


James Lunt - Senior EVP


Mr. Lunt has served as Chairman and CEO of Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Company for over two decades. He has also served on numerous corporate boards, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts as it’s Finance Committee Chairman. He has been a Director of Greenfield Savings Bank, Associated Industries of Massachusetts and The Berkshire Life Insurance Company. Mr. Lunt has also served on many community service boards, including as President of the United Way of Franklin County, Ma.


Patrick Rowland - Vice President / BDO

 Mr. Rowland is experienced in public finance and accounting with a career foundation in top-tier national accounting firms.  His skills include accounting, taxation, public finance, micro-economic analysis and fiscal planning that are best utilized in problem solving and interactive cooperative work environments.  He excels in public speaking and other dynamic leadership competencies including team building and supervisory motivation.  He possesses a uniquely inquisitive and analytical perspective due to a varied background of life experiences working with public, private, and charitable ventures.


Cristine O'Keefe Senior EVP - BDO


 Ms. O’Keefe’s most recent role as Finance Manager for a manufacturing company in Western NY, provided the unique opportunity to implement a variety of financial strategies. From grants to short term and long term financing, she understands how to turn financial solutions into business success. Prior to business she used her degrees in music education as an instrumental music teacher for ten years.